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Team Self-Confidence part 1
Written by Daniel Pedemonte   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 16:08

Scrum’s Key factor to achieve outstanding and constant results 

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In Scrum Methodology, the Development Team is the main responsible of delivering a usable and potentially releasable part of the Product Backlog at the end of each Sprint.

This Development Team is designed and organized to provide flexibility, creativity and productivity.

But even though this Development Team is designed to act as a whole in a self-organizing way to provide flexibility, creativity and productivity, and they have all the competences needed to accomplish the work in hand, each team member has to be considered as an important and irreplaceable part in that whole.

As such, each member’s Self-Confidence becomes of paramount importance.

As a Coach, I’ve heard people say a huge number of times they don’t have enough confidence, and that’s the reason why they can’t achieve the expected results.

Well, you should know that confidence is not something you HAVE, is something you can CREATE in any given moment in time. Confidence is nothing but a sense of absolute power, of certainty that you can achieve any goal you set.

Feeling confident is a state of mind, and you can change or create your state of mind anytime, no matter what’s going on around you.

If you want your confidence to become a useful tool you can have at your disposal, you must learn the ability to turn it on whenever you need it.


3 Ways to Create Self-Confidence

If you want to improve your performance as a Scrum Team Member, reach and exceed your part in creating the Sprint Backlog, there are 3 ways you can create self confidence in any moment, tap into your unlimited potential and produce the results you really want.

1. A radical change in your physiology.

If you are feeling fear, anxiety, frustration, unstopability or absolute confidence, you are feeling it in your body, and this feeling comes from the way you are using it: the way you move, breathe, your facial expressions, etc.

If you want to make a change in your self-confidence, you must first make a change in your mental and emotional state through the correct use of your physiology.

If you want confidence, start moving in a confident way; you have to move (stand, sit, talk, write, chat) deliberately as if you were completely in control. In this state, you KNOW you can create any result you want. Out of that state of confidence, ideas (and competence) come out from.

As a Scrum Team Member, you might have your specialized skills and areas of focus, but there will be always times when you won’t know what to do next…

Let me tell you what you can do at those times: ACT as if you really know exactly what you are doing!

That doesn’t ensure much competence from your side, right?  Well, let me tell you, if you are confident enough, you will develop the competence you might be missing, but if you already are competent but you don’t have the confidence, you will never succeed.

I’m not suggesting you to go to your Scrum Master fool-hearty with an I-know-everything attitude and empty handed three days before Sprint end. No.

Learn to turn on your confidence rapidly, use it to learn what you need to know to be competent and effective with your development, testing or business analysis; and the best way to do it is to get in the right state of mind.

Remember this: If you use your physical body effectively you can get in a state of confidence; it doesn’t matter if you are in day 20 out of 30 and you have only 20% of sprint backlog done; no matter how scary or difficult things might seem, always have this result available for you, and you will always be able to turn things around.

In the following part of this article we will see how Focus and Beliefs play an essential role in creating a self-confidence state of mind and emotion.


Dan C. Pedemonte

Agile Coach, Human Potential Strategist
ISU Corp .



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