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Demo Teaser Images
IS Unified Opens to the first log in box; The Login box contains the Server, Username and Password. Each member has a personal user, which lets you enter the IS Unified Menu.
Teaser 2
On the left side there is a menu bar with options to different actions to take; depending on the level of access of the member the user can access the modules within the program. Task Manager is a module to track projects within each department. Each task can have a level of importance, along with an estimated time and to which person each task is assigned to, as well see the progress of the task to completion.
Teaser 3
Executive Dash Board; Here are the Annual budget, IT Resource Analysis, and Internal and External Resources up to date.
Teaser 4
Time Sheets; Here are the daily, weekly and monthly reports of hours recorded with a brief description of each day’s work. The page seen is a report of a month with the weekly hours done and a total of hours completed.
Teaser 5
Applications; Here you can see the programs that are being worked on, their progress and details in their up-to-date progress.
Teaser 6
Project Manager; Contains the projects that have been divided among sprints, here you can view the progress of your current project in a graph.
Teaser 7
Member Profiles; Here you can see each users information, attached resume and a descriptive skill set along with each members personal information.
Teaser 8
This is the story board setting is to see the status of a project or task in a story board setting. It is composed of 5 sections within the story board; Pending, In Progress, Ready for Testing, Completed, and Impediments. At the bottom of the screen it has the count of tasks/Projects in each section.
Teaser 9
User Story Track Report; This tracks the hours invested in each task/ project and the progress of the task/project individually, along with what is remaining of the said task/project. Each task has an assigned number with a status.
Teaser 10
User Story Board; Tracking hours of each task/ Project with the task/project status, the estimated time it will take, the actual time, the remaining time. With the included Grand Total of the task/project.
Teaser 11
Timesheets Report – Classified by Sprints and the time the sprint took, how long the task/ project took, with a User Story Total.
Teaser 12
Burndown Chart; Shows the progress in a leveled format the amount of hours worked on the task/ project by sprint. Viewed are options to see the progress on estimate or actual.