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TESTIMONIAL-comillasIS Unified gives me an easy way to track our projects. I always know where we stand; and the solution helps ensure we deliver on time."

Michael Cox, President Wright Plan Incorporated, Canada


 TESTIMONIAL-comillasWith IS Unified, I have all the information I need to quickly review new software versions and organize my quality control execution. Also, with the document management system, I am able to organize all my documents pertinent to business analysis in a snap."

Shelly Mansilla, Business/SQA Analyst Band of Coders, USA


 TESTIMONIAL-comillasThe Project Portfolio Manager gives me a high level of review for all the projects we have running and their status. For me, this is a valuable tool that allows me to inform the executive team on all major projects affecting the company."

John Krumbarch, MBA, Head of Project Management Earthwinds Incorporated, Canada


 TESTIMONIAL-comillasWith the Server Tracking System I have all our server and application services information up-to-date. This allows me to quickly access any resource and keep all the information current. I have saved countless hours by keeping all my server information organized in a central place.”

Zlatko Ctvenovsky, B.Sc., IT manager Info Tech Enterprises, Canada


  TESTIMONIAL-comillasSince 2004, IS Unified helped our company streamline IT Processes effectively. From managing development projects, to facilitating the maintenance of our servers, ISU enhanced and optimized our IT Department’s over-all performance. At the end of the day, ISU maximizes our bottom line".

Evelyn Eagle, President, Kev Software Inc. Ontario Canada


 TESTIMONIAL-comillasWe use IS Unified Project Manager and Task Manager estimations for our main line of business (software development projects). Our organization also uses the Documents Management system embedded in the Task Manager to keep track of all documentation. ISU’s modules are a must have for any IT professional that is searching to increase efficiency and improve their clients ROI".

Saju Samuel, CIO, Time Center Inc. Atlanta, USA